2-4 players
90-120 min
44 unique technologies
17 exoplanetary systems

Shape the future of humanity at the dawn of the Spacefaring Era!

Frontiers of Sol is a space civilization resource management game, where you and other players collectively decide the technological progress of humankind at the dawn of the Spacefaring Era, while competing against each other to be the leading faction in economy, science, and galactic control.

Innovative Technology Tree

Frontiers of Sol features a unique technology advancement system, where the shared technology tree acts as a central action board, and is constructed by players as they make scientific discoveries. The types of actions and bonuses available are solely dependent on the collective decisions of players, and is different every game.

How it works

Players take turns using their pawn to take an action available on the technology board, then produce resources. Actions allow players to improve economy, move spaceships, colonize exosolar systems, and research technologies. Game ends when a number of achievements are fulfilled, and the faction with the most points claims galactic victory!

"A civ game with snappy turns and little downtime that packs the elements of a 4X empire builder into a mere 90 minutes" - Eric J. Frances, Game Makers Guild Boston


Dennis Chan

Stopwatch by MRFA from the Noun Project; Male by Saeful Muslim from the Noun Project; research - Research by Adrien Coquet from the Noun Project; solar system by Hea Poh Lin from the Noun Project; inquiry by Gregor Cresnar from the Noun Project; Book by Martin from the Noun Project; board game by Piotrek Chuchla from the Noun Project